Big Foot Triathlon

Big Foot Triathlon

Sunday, Jun 23, 2019 at 7:00am


7:00am - Olympic Triathlon
7:00am - Sprint Triathlon
7:00am - Triathlon Relay

Course Information:
The swim will be in beautiful, clear Lake Geneva with expected water temperatures in the low 70s (wetsuits allowed below 78 degrees). The course will be rectangular in nature and will be patrolled and monitored by certified guards as per USAT regulations. There will be 4 minute time gaps between wave starts to facilitate ease of movement to and through the transition area. Different colored buoys will differentiate between Olympic and Sprint distances.

The one-lap course will be on gently rolling to hilly terrain in the scenic and predominantly rural countryside to the southwest of the park. Marshals will monitor the course for illegal drafting. Helmets are required as per ANSI and USAT standards. All handlebar ends must be SOLIDLY plugged during the race. Tape alone is insufficient, and you will be disqualified if your bar ends are not solidly plugged.

The course will be completely in the state park on primarily off-road wooded and field terrain. The scenic network of grassy trails varies from flat to slightly undulating. Fluid stations will be available every 1.5 miles. The course is 3.1 miles in length — 1 lap for Sprint distance and 2 laps for Olympic distance. Find more trails in Lake Geneva, WI.

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