Clifford Park 5k

Monday, May 7, 2018 at 6:00pm

Clifford Park

The 2018 Clifford Park 5k Series begins on Monday May 7. We will run each week on Monday nights at 6:00pm, from the beginning of May through the end of September. Each week the race is only $5.00 to enter, or you could spend even less by purchasing a season pass or a punch pass.

All you need to do is show up at Clifford Park in Biddeford, Maine, hand us $5.00 and you’re ready to run in a professionally chip timed event. If possible, we do ask you to sign up ahead of time. You only need to sign up once for the whole season, even if you only plan to run once. It doesn’t cost anything to pre-register, and that way we have your information already in our system so you’re almost ready to go the first time you sign up. You can pre-register for free here.

The event is a “no-frills” type of race, so there are no shirts, no goodie bags, or any of the junk you don’t want to bother with. This is just a chance to get a professional time every week, at a reasonable price, it’s that simple!

The course is challenging, but it’s also a beginner friendly trail run. The course will take you through the woods of the largest park in Biddeford, Maine. You will also never touch an inch of pavement on the entire course! You may encounter rocks, roots, water, and a bridge, but no pavement! See what the course is like by checking out the full course video.

For the runners who will be running with us all season long, or even just a few events, we can hold onto your bib so you don’t lose it. When you finish running, just place your bib in the “bib collection” bin. We’ll have it waiting for you next week!



The Clifford Park 5k Series course is like nothing else in the area. You’ll run a full 3.1 miles all throughout Clifford Park and will never touch an inch of pavement.

The race starts and finishes in the North end of the park on the Black Trail. After heading out on the black trail moving South, runners will turn West onto the Blue Trail. The course continues until they turn onto the first entrance to the Yellow Trail, where runners go all the way around the yellow loop, and return to where they originally left the Blue Trail. Then, they turn back onto the Blue Trail and follow that all the way to the Orange Trail. Here, you’ll find some of the biggest challenges on the course before heading to some awesome views on the Red Trail. Once runners turn right onto the red trail, they will encounter some single track areas, and even pass by a waterfall on their way back to the Black Trail. Nearing the end, runners will turn back onto the Black Trail, and run from there all the way back to the start line.

See below for a course video to get a better understanding of what the terrain will be like, and so you can see what twists and turns you’ll encounter during the race! You can also print off a copy of the map and run the course all week long for training. We leave our markers up all summer so you know you’re on the right route. They look like the red trail marker with the white runner in our logo.


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