Fudgcicle 5K Series

Fudgcicle 5K Series

Saturday, Feb 22, 2020 at 8:00am


The Fudgcicle 5K Run is every Saturday morning at 8:00 AM from Tewksbury High School during the months of January and February. This series replaces the regular Saturday morning group runs. It is a group run with lots of friends and you happen to get timed. This is a no frills run – no on-line entry, no water stops – just pure running. And you do not need to be a GLRR member to run. It is however a great way to get to know us, and we're sure once you know us, you'll want to join.

Fudge Time: 8 A.M. (7:50 AM for early starters.) Saturday mornings rain, snow or shine – don't call to see if it's cancelled – we only cancel if the governor himself cancels it (which has happened – only once).

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