Memorial Day - Challenge Hearts And Minds 5K

Memorial Day - Challenge Hearts And Minds 5K

Monday, May 25, 2020 at 8:00am


Concerning 2020 Coronavirus Concerns - Charities Challenge Events Continue for Health & Safety

Charities Challenge boutique running events, usually hosting between 30-100 runners & walkers per event, always emphasize health & safety. So, count on our upcoming springtime Holiday Run Series experiences to be happy-healthful times together, select social engagements, shared with loving families/friends.

Remember & spread the good news that daily moderate aerobic exercise is RxExercise - Exercise as Medicine - and  exercise like a brisk 5k run or walk is a primary way we give our immune system a strong boost. The additional way we boost our immune system is by getting a healthful night's sound sleep. So, sleep well after every day's brisk 5k, especially RxExercise shared with loving family/friends.