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West Virginia Strawberry Festival

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The West Virginia Strawberry Festival kicked off in 1936 as a way to honor the Strawberry Growers and help them increase their sales. The first Strawberry Festival was celebrated in 1 day and as years passed, the events of the West Virginia Strawberry Festival grew into a full week!   We continue to honor the Strawberry Growers from all over the state of West Virginia and traditionally hold the Strawberry Auction on Friday afternoon of Festival Week.  **Interesting Fact: After being discontinued for five years during WWII, the festival continued to expand into today's weeklong celebration!

What can I experience at the Festival? We have always been known as “An Exciting Family Tradition”. We have 8 fun-filled days of events for all ages. We have a Strawberry Gift Shop, a Horse & Carriage Parade, Arts & Craft Show at WV Wesleyan College, Food Vendors selling everything Strawberry, and don’t forget the Carnival is here all week!

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